Okay, I’m still flabberghasted by the fact that I beat Chris Crain in the first round of the Malcontent’s March Gayness.  Really.  A bit flattered, too, but I’m having a hard time believing it.  NOW, however, I’m up against the tabloid-made-flesh-made-tabloid, QUEERTY. 

They got twice as many votes as I did in the first round, so, sans some upcoming miracle, I’m screwed.  Unless, that is . . .

Unless all of you who deign to grace my page with your eyeballs take a trek over to the Malcontent and vote for me in the second round!   (Bracket #10, folks.  And while you’re there, you should also vote for Homomojo if you like what we do over there!) 

If you’d rather the gay community be represented more by folks like me, who rely on trying to be humorous or poignant without having to pepper every day with manflesh, then vote for me. 

Or, if you want us represented by the online equivalent of a gay PageSix, vote for the other guys.  Oh, yeah, there are TWO of them at least that write that blog.  Here, it’s just little ol’ me.  *sniff*

OH, I like Queerty well enough.  But dammit, I wanna WIN! 

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.  They are, after all, Famous last words. 



  1. lol thanks Rob. Saw your post and I appreciate the help. I’ve pimped this crazy thing all over the place, and verily, it has begun. After a short (2 1/2 hour) lead over Queerty, I’m now behind by 5 votes.

    My votes are QUALITY votes, that’s all I have to say. What really pisses me off, though, is the fact that they’ve not deigned to even comment on the competition. That’s just painful arrogance.

    It’s not like I thought I would win. After all, I don’t have any ads, and I do have standards. I only get about 200 visitors a day normally, and they get, what, a zillion?

    But the name of the blog IS “Imustbedreaming.” And I will not go down without a fight. Or a nice dinner. Depends on what we’re talking about. 😉

  2. Well, I’d tell you to post dirty pics, but that didn’t work this time, so….LOL.

    And Mr. Famous Author Rob Byrnes, I saw your tome in A Different Light over the weekend……so I suitably genuflected.

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