Weirdest Searches Ever

This page will be updated every time I notice an oddball search result that brought someone to my blog.  In time, it will be gargantuan in size, I’m sure.  Check back every week for more results.  I’ll just add them onto the end of the list. 

The Searches:

  • weird story contest+porcupine sex
  • bikini briefs in the locker room
  • “monkeys hate techno”
  • richard simmons drilling
  • my b/f wants to grow boobs
  • mother&son sex (okay people, that’s just plain nasty!)
  • cloned meat and milk in a sore near you (I think they meant “store” but this is a damned funny search nonetheless!)
  • arm the teacher or bulletproof the books
  • aim for testicles of bear
  • crapping pants while on prozac
  • Tammy Faye Messenger
  • i slid my hand into my drunk roommates j  (how come I never had a roomate like that when I was single?)
  • man bites dog rape clip
  • how to puke
  • samuel jackson cheezburger
  • Tommy Chong Cookies
  • will I ever grow boobs?  (Heh–not if you keep eating those Tommy Chong cookies)
  • his son undressed and got into bed with (I so do not want to know about this one)
  • how to stand up to gay agenda (bet they were surprised!)
  • billy boat im going to eat your toes
  • my wife wants me to grow boobs (what is it about boobs that brings people here?)
  • +”rancid tofu” recipe