March Gayness in the Malcobrackets

Oh, thweet jethuth. 

Gay enough for you?  Good.  Vote for me.  Matt over at the Malcontent has set up a gay version of March Madness and I could use some free foul shots.  I’m up against Citizen Crain in the first round, and methinks I’ll need all the help I can get.  Chris is an insightful writer who often makes very good points, and he’s even in my blogroll.  But this is the first time this blog’s even been mentioned in a blog competition of any sort, and dammit I wanna WIN!  (I was told desperation moves tend to work–Thanks, Mr. Delay!)

But his is a far more serious blog, while this one is just chock full of whimsy.  I think it helps me to keep perspective if I’m not so damned serious all of the time.  So, while I know I get far more visitors than commenters, if you could take a second and give my ego a boost, visit the Malcontent and vote for me in bracket 19.  It would be nice to not get my clock cleaned, even if I do lose. 

But if I win, maybe a surprise for you all?  (I was told vague promises tend to work.–Thanks, Hillary!)  

I feel like such a blogwhore.

EDIT:  I just noticed that my other post of this morning is eerily close to Chris’s latest post.  I guess that gives you something comparable to judge, though. 


7 thoughts on “March Gayness in the Malcobrackets

  1. Matt put a talley up, and I’m actually beating him so far. I don’t count on it holding, but it’s nice for now.

    As I always say, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

    Because I’m not beautiful, and there are so many other valid reasons to hate me. 😉

  2. There’s just something in Crain’s eyes that says, “I’m either a really intense lay or a psycho killer,” and implies that there’s a fine line between the two.

    I probably shouldn’t comment on other people’s blogs after three martinis, a glass of wine and some excellent vocal jazz.

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