It’s all about the labels.  Everyone wants to define me: conservative, liberal, perverted, puritanical, optimistic, delusional, funny, or whatever suits their paradigm.  (I’ve even been called a “breeder.”  lol ) I don’t think labels are ever particularly helpful in understanding anything. 

I believe that government plays a crucial role in society, and has a responsibility to support the least among us who cannot support themselves.  That is the responsibility of those who live in a free and beneficent society.  I believe we need to be fiscally responsible at the same time.  I think abortion should be safe, legal, and as rare as possible.  That means explicit, honest education on the matter of sex.  When children can get on the internet and get pornography, and we find ourselves unable to stop it altogether, then we are culpable as a society if we do not take steps to make sure the education they get is one of correct information.  I think this can be taught at home, but will only come about if we make a point to discuss the topic honestly among ourselves as adults first.  And quit worrying about labels.

I believe in responsible gun ownership and I support gay marriage.  Don’t laugh, I’m serious.  I believe in God but not the Devil.  I believe that organized religions in general have gotten away from the true Spirit of their prophets and become embroiled in beaurocracy at the expense of the human soul.  I’m an avid student of history, especially American history.  I’m fascinated by the studies of archeology, anthropology, and astronautics.  I read every day.  Sometimes I review books for another website. 

I’m openly gay and have been with the love of my life since 1994.  We have 3dogs, 2cats, and 3horses.  And that’s all yer gettin.