Quickies: 2/28/12

  • Please go read the entire article by Frank Rich: Whitewashing Gay History–“Full equality for gay Americans is nowhere near at hand. One of America’s two major political parties is still hell-bent on thwarting and even rolling back gay rights much as Goldwater Republicans and Dixie Democrats (on their way to joining the GOP) resisted civil-rights legislation and enforcement in the sixties. In most states, sexual orientation can still be used to deny not only marriage but also jobs and housing, as well as to curtail adoption rights. America’s dominant religions remain largely hostile to homosexuality, and America’s most cherished secular pastime, professional sports, is essentially a no-gay zone. The bullying of gay and transgendered children remains a national crisis. While Nielsen tells us that gay concerns and characters are “the new mainstream” of television—figuring in 24 percent of broadcast prime-time programming last season—we do not yet live in the United States of Glee.”
  • Rick Santorum doesn’t think it’s appropriate to apologize for an “inadvertent mistake” (never mind that a mistake is inherently inadvertent–the redundant-speak is his).  So if you see him apologize for bumping into that elderly lady at church, ask him why he’s saying he’s sorry?
  • Just for fun: How To Make Shark Jaws Out Of Paper Plates
  • Why use Bing instead of Google?  Because I’ve earned 2 free Redbox Movies so far.  Google didn’t give me nuthin.  😉
  • I also posted a couple of new poems at Tomorrowville.

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