Social Security is NOT Bankrupt

I’ve mentioned before how Social Security itself has plenty of money for years to come, and that the popular propaganda that it’s broke is just that–propaganda.  Check out this video from Crooks&Liars:

You want to ensure fiscal responsibility?

Get rid of offshore corporation tax shelters.  No tax “rebates” for corporations like GE that got a 3.2 BILLION dollar rebate.  And don’t place the blame solely on the corporations either.  As Chuck says:

The problem is not GE, it is the tax code. The government continues to create tax deductions, credits and loopholes for every special interest they can find. (Both major parties do it, and fairly equally). . .

Next time you pay your taxes, or stare at the withholdings on your pay stub, remember GE. And think about how much your tax share would decrease if taxes were based on ability to pay, and not on ability to hire accountants and tax lawyers.


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