With My eyes

With My Eyes

If you could see with my eyes how the light precedes the dark,
How only twilight separates the treetops from the stars,
The yard around me only lit by soft white christmas lights–
You’d wonder how you’d lived so long without these kinds of nights.

If you could hear what I hear as I walk upon the snow,
The frozen crunching underfoot amidst the christmas glow,
My horses for companions in the winter night serene,
You would remain warm deep inside despite the frigid scene.

If you could feel what I feel with the crisp upon my face
The weakest wind a whisper shifting winter’s dusty trace,
You would think, like me, that there must be winter in Heaven,
Somewhere in between the trees and stars that dot the ebon.



a/n  I wrote this Dec of ’09 and just came across it while going over some older things.  It still strikes me as one of my better pieces, so I thought I’d share it here. 


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