There are many subtle reasons, and I do like the security of wordpress, but there’s a lot that I can’t do here that I can on other platforms.  Blogger has fixed quite a lot of their glitches, and so the deed is done.  I don’t quite have all of the links ported over yet, and I’m sure the traffic will go waaaay down, but there is just so much more maneuverability within Blogger that I’m forcing the change.  (Plus, of course, there’s that whole “placing ads” thing that you can’t do here.)

The posts that are already here will remain here, but you may want to switch your links over to the new blog (and to the one subscriber that has the feed on his front page–well, Matt, I wouldn’t mind the publicity if you switched the feed!) 

This blog will remain up–I see no reason to take it down.  And the rss feeds should continue to function.  But my words of wisdom will from now on be found at GreenMountainJamie.blogspot.com.   And if you should all choose to change your links appropriately, I’d appreciate the business! 


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