God Forbid They Link To Me . . .

Today’s Washington Post is quite the spectacle.  Opinion blogger Phillip Carter, who evidently writes on “national security and the military,” has written a piece entitled, “Army Shows Its Colors.”  I suppose I should have known better, since I found the initial link on the Huffington Post, under the title: “Army Spreads Partisan Attacks Against Obama,” but I read it anyway. 

Mr. Carter seems to forget, during the course of the article, what he states at the beginning:

The Army’s public affairs office publishes a daily roundup of Army-related news called “Stand To” — named for the set of procedures combat units do just prior to dawn, when they go to full alert for a possible enemy attack. The daily wrapup contains links to mainstream media articles, Army press releases, foreign media stories and blogs.  It’s similar to the Defense Department’s Early Bird — but much briefer, and obviously more focused on the Army.

He doesn’t seem to have a problem, from the tone I’m getting, with blogs in general being included in Stand To or Early Bird.  So what does he mean by this:

  And more to the point, why is the Army’s official in-house public affairs shop linking to this kind of stuff?

Uh, exactly what you just said it was supposed to do: briefing staff about what is being said in the news and on the blogs concerning military affairs.  And it takes up a very small section of the page.  Look at the “What’s In The Blogs” section of Stand To.  It’s on the lower right.    Not very prominent, is it? 

As a blogger, I’m quite surprised at Mr. Carter’s indignance.  Hooah, whom I probably do not agree with on very many things, is, as he himself says, a Private Blogger, not a reporter, nor a military official, and has as much right to free speech as anyone else does.  Would Mr. Carter take such umbrage if Stand To linked to one of his own articles?  I wonder.  In a blog, opinion seeps through–and as an “Opinion Blogger,” as his page heralds, Mr. Carter should know this.  So why is he objecting to the content of the link, and not the fact that Stand To links to blogs at all?  Is it only opinions he finds distasteful that Mr. Carter objects to?  I wonder. 

As for the Huffington Post writing that the “Army Spreads Partisan Attacks Against Obama,” well, that’ll teach me to read that codswallop.  I hope the Army sues Ariana for libel. 

And one last thought to recognize the fact that now you are reading a blog that’s writing about a blog that’s writing about a blog that was writing about . . . a blog that the Army linked to. 

*sigh*  John was right.  I’m just disgusted with stupid people. 

Let’s see how this plays out in the media.



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