Man’s Best Friend

Yearbook caption: Most Likely To Have Fleas:

A teenager from Littleton, New Hampshire is accused of sexually abusing a dog.

Police charged 17-year-old Ryan Taber with cruelty to animals after they reportedly found two dozen pornographic pictures on his computer and even a video involving his golden retriever . A local human society is now taking care of the dog.

Taber also was charged with computer pornography for 39 images of children.

Notice how the kiddie porn is mentioned as a throwaway line? 


Taber was already free on $5,000 personal recognizance bail after his April arrest on a charge of using the Internet to “seduce, solicit lure or entice” a child to commit the offense of lewdness or indecent exposure.

According to court papers filed in that case, Taber struck up an online conversation in late January with a person he thought was a 14-year-old boy but who was really Keene police Detective James McLaughlin.

Over the next two months, the two had extensive and graphic online chats and e-mail exchanges that resulted in plans for the two to meet on March 20 in a men’s changing room at the Littleton Wal-Mart, authorities said. But the night before, Taber, who allegedly called himself ‘john t’ online, called it off because he had to go car shopping with his mother, authorities said.

Okay, so he’s a 17 yr old who was soliciting what he thought was a 14 year old boy?  That might be why the “child porn” charges were minimized in the first reporting account.  I’m not sure. 

But sex with your dog? 


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