4 thoughts on “Quickies

  1. In truth, most Republican leaders don’t personally hate gays (or illegal immigrants, scientists, and African-Americans for that matter). However, since the Nixon administration in the 1970s, the GOP had identified so-called cultural issues as a winner for them.

    The Democrats have never lost their plurality in voter registration. In fact, it surprising to note that there are roughly 17 million more Democrats than Republicans in America. But Democratic voters are famously fickle and disloyal. Nixon (and later Reagan and Bush) were successful because they understood why this is…

    The Democratic Party doesn’t really exist. Or at least, it doesn’t exist in the same way the Republican Party does. What we call “Democrats” are merely a group of disgruntled folks (42.6% of the American electorate) who are marginally allied with each other out of necessity. They’re vaguely center-left (sort of), but even that minimal commitment is constantly challenged.

    And those underlying divisions within the Democratic Party – which never went away, in spite of the shotgun wedding – are easily exploited vis a vis flag burning, school prayer, evolution vs. creationism, abortion, immigration, same-sex marriage, etc.

    More than a few members of the RNC are either bisexual or exclusively homosexual themselves. But they’re more than happy to exploit the same-sex marriage issue for all it is worth. They have a lot of lawyers to protect thier wealth. Many of them are married to a woman (closeted) anyway. So, for these folks, there’s really no reason to support same-sex marriage.

  2. There is no world wide problem of over population. There are definitely some places in the world that may be more densely populated than the resources allow, but world wide over population is really not a problem.

    There is no food shortage. Mountains of food stand rotting on American farms because the farmers are paid to take it off the market or not grow it at all. The problem has more to do with the emerging middle classes in places like India and China where people can now actually afford to eat. The supply has not been keeping up with demand and the markets will shift to account for that. People really need not panic.

  3. I don’t know. I went to a supermarket a couple of weeks ago, and there was a four 20-pound rice bag limit. 🙂

    I don’t think we have a food shortage yet, despite the increase in prices. A lot of it is due to diverting crops for food to energy, which doesn’t appear to be helping the energy problem. The problem still is getting the food to the people that need it.

    In the meantime, any effort to curtail the very high population growth rates in poor areas via birth control education and availability would be a big help.

  4. Ban said a U.N. task force he set up to deal with the crisis is recommending the nations “improve vulnerable people’s access to food and take immediate steps to increase food availability in their communities.”

    That means increasing food aid, supplying small farmers with seed and fertilizer in time for this year’s planting seasons, and reducing trade restrictions to help the free flow of agricultural goods.

    “Some countries have taken action by limiting exports or by imposing price controls,” Ban said. “They only distort markets and force prices even higher.”

    Nice to see the UN making the argument for free trade. If only more of our own politicians would do the same.

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