How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Just yesterday I heard John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted on the Mike O’Meara show, touting the show’s 1000th capture.  Congratulations to Mr. Walsh for a job well-done.  (Kudos to Mike, as well, for taking the show to new heights since Don’s departure.  It gets better every damned day.)

My curiosity aroused, I went to this site, Family Watchdog, to see who the sexual predators are in my area.  There are only a couple, and they’re nowhere near my home.  That’s a bit of a relief, to say the least, because there are young kids across the street from us, and my neices and nephews visit quite a bit.  But in searching near where I went to school, where I’ve previously lived , I found that the amount of predators out there is astonishing.  And quite frightening. 

Enter your info and let me know how you fare.


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