She’s Bringing Hassle Back

If I have a guilty pleasure that my friends are going to absolutely pick on me endlessly for, it’s this . . .I like watching clips of “The View.”  There.  I said it.  Let the public flogging begin. 

Maybe it’s because I have such a soft spot for Whoopee Goldberg.  It isn’t Joy Behar, that’s for sure.  But for those of us who have our heads buried in political discussion, it’s helpful to see what many non-political Americans are discussing–or rather, how they’re discussing it.  I think The VIew does that, at least a little bit.  And they can be funny. 

But if you click this link (I can’t embed the video; sorry) you’ll see Elizabeth Hasselbeck give conservatives a very, very bad name. 

It’s like watching Stephen Hawking debate Tinkie Winkie. When Hasslebeck says, “Yeah, talk to them and buy them some time while they’re workin’ up nukes . . . ” I just had to laugh.  She completely missed the point that we’re already talking to them. 


3 thoughts on “She’s Bringing Hassle Back

  1. Let the public flogging begin.

    Your choices are bad and you should feel bad. Do you also enjoy watching snuff films involving puppies, kittens and bunny rabbits? Nothing you touch will turn good until you atone for this!

    Any of this working for you?

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