A Little More Kitchen Help

Almost a year ago I put up this post, offering a printable version of a measurement conversion chart that I keep posted on the inside of my kitchen cupboard.  It’s infinitely easier to just swing the door open when I want to know how many teaspoons in a tablespoon (3) than to have to dig out one of my 50 or so cookbooks just for that one page.  Sometimes we all need to convert some measurements and can’t remember our schooling–unless we’re QJ, who was recently razzing me: Pfft, charts are for people who don’t have science degrees.  (Even though QJ initially had said, ” This is good and handy. I appreciate this. Thank you for this.”–I guess he’s just getting cranky because he’s hungry, dammit!)  Do me a favor–if you have any delicious low sodium, low fat recipes, post them in the comments.  I’d say email them to him, but can’t find his email on listed on his blog, and though I have it, I’m not giving it out without permission.  

Anyhow, here’s a chart I was trying to link to in his comments section with great difficulty.  It’s an herb and spice chart for you burgeoning foodees out there.  This one is also in a printable format, and for those of you just starting out experimenting with herbs and spices something like this can be fairly handy.  Especially when you’re standing in front of a pork roast talking to yourself:

“Now, should I use thyme or rosemary with this pork?  Ha!  Trick question!  Use both!” 

“I bet if I stuff the insides of this roasting chicken with my herb and spice mixture and cook it at a lower temperature for a longer time, it will taste delicious.  If I can just get my hand in there . . . Oh, yeah, you like it, bitch.  Take it.  Take it all, you chicken, you.”

Which, if someone walks into the kitchen at these times, just makes you look weird.   

Anyhow, enjoy the charts!



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