More on (Moron) Kevin James

Chris Matthews appeared on Countdown to further comment on Kevin James’ appearance on Hardball where Matthews was, well, less than appeasing: 

Chris is onto something here when he says these buzzwords are meant to “shut you up.”  But it’s not something exclusive to politicians.  The media itself is fairly guilty of it, and so are we as individuals.  Look in internet forums and on comment threads that dredge on and on.  Eventually, and sometimes hastily, conversation breaks down into aspersions. 

On a related note, I have to ask: what is the purpose of Chris Crain’s commentary on the clip, if not to out Kevin James to the media?  Chris, I thought you were better than that.   


3 thoughts on “More on (Moron) Kevin James

  1. Whatever. You’re a Nazi. Noob! The terrorists win! (those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head).

    About Crain, if it is indeed the same Kevin James who was out in Los Angeles and actively working in several highly-visible, gay organizations, I don’t think you can accuse Crain of outing him to the media, as that happened years ago. At the moment, the media is so taken with James’ obvious mental deficiency that calling him gay is so far down on the list of things to make fun of about him that it’s not even registering.

  2. Admittedly, I don’t feel being gay and successful requires outing yourself or sacrificing a career for the plight of homosexuals everywhere, however, on the flip side, I can’t stand people like Kevin that spew right wing ignorance during the day and attend gay fundraisers by night. As a gay man, how does one get a gig posing as straight conservative. I am in Kevin’s “social circle”, have been for about 15 years. Kevin was born with a silver penis in his mouth and continues to be the ass he was raised to be.

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