John McCain on Weekend Update

In case you missed it, John McCain was on Saturday Night Live this week, and his spot on Weekend Update was particularly funny:

That’s right.  Fight amongst yourselves

Funny, right?  And he manages to get some extra mileage out of this ad, being released in Iowa

McCain’s wants to paint the Democrats as squabbling and ineffective, and while his attempts at humor may fall flat–after all, he’s no Ronald Reagan–it’s a smarter strategy than I’ve seen the Democrats take.  He’s got a point: how effective will they be in office, if they can’t even decide upon a nominee?


One thought on “John McCain on Weekend Update

  1. Its a sad day for me when I agree with Peggy Noonan more then you. From Friday’s WSJ:

    “The Democrats aren’t the ones falling apart, the Republicans are. The Democrats can see daylight ahead. For all their fractious fighting, they’re finally resolving their central drama. Hillary Clinton will leave, and Barack Obama will deliver a stirring acceptance speech. Then hand-to-hand in the general, where they see their guy triumphing. You see it when you talk to them: They’re busy being born.

    The Republicans? Busy dying. The brightest of them see no immediate light. They’re frozen, not like a deer in the headlights but a deer in the darkness, his ears stiff at the sound. Crunch. Twig. Hunting party. . . .

    The Bush White House, faced with the series of losses from 2005 through ’08, has long claimed the problem is Republicans on the Hill and running for office. They have scandals, bad personalities, don’t stand for anything. That’s why Republicans are losing: because they’re losers.

    All true enough!

    But this week a House Republican said publicly what many say privately, that there is another truth. “Members and pundits . . . fail to understand the deep seated antipathy toward the president, the war, gas prices, the economy, foreclosures,” said Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia in a 20-page memo to House GOP leaders.

    The party, Mr. Davis told me, is “an airplane flying right into a mountain.”

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