Elmer Fudd on Hardball

I don’t care who you are, if you don’t think this guy is hilarious in his stupidity, there’s something wrong with you.  (link goes to Crooks&Liars)


5 thoughts on “Elmer Fudd on Hardball

  1. As I mentioned on QJ’s site, the mere mention of Neville Chamberlain draws wood for Bush’s apologists. Now we see that some of these clowns have no idea who he was or what he did. Even the ones who know what Chamberlain did make the simplistic and mindboggling assumption that all situations are the same.

    Anyway, another episode of Bush p&ssing all over us and telling us it’s raining.

  2. Kate brought up something interesting on her site regarding this episode. Was this pretty much what people shit on the Dixie Chicks for doing a couple of years ago?

  3. I don’t really recall. I thought they said that they were ashamed that Bush was from Texas, and that’s what the hubub was about.

  4. The fact is 20% of Americans still think Obama’s a Muslim.

    Our arrogance prevents us from seeing the situation clearly. While Elmer and company might look completely ridiculous to us (and Chris Matthews), we’re not the target audience here. There has always been a clear method to King George’s madness.

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