The AP Thinks Women Are Stupid Sluts

I know–that’s a rather sensational title, wouldn’t you say?  Well, that’s what I garnered from this gem of a story:

28 million women at risk of unwanted pregnancy

Each year, half of American women who would rather not get pregnant will have an unplanned pregnancy, often because they failed to use their contraceptive properly or forgot to use it at all, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

As a result, 28 million women in the United States are at risk for an unintended pregnancy, according to the study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute in New York.

First of all, ALL women are at risk of unintended pregnancy if they have sex with men and have viable reproductive systems.  Second, how do you forget to use a condom?  I understand that the article, and the study it cites, is talking about all forms of contraception, and that it is possible to forget to take “the pill” in the morning, but “the pill” is not 100% effective.  It takes a conscious decision to have sex without a condom, whether on “the pill” or not. 

Some of this gap is due to lack of access to health care, with many women saying they cannot afford some of the more effective methods of contraception such as birth control pills that require a doctor’s visit and prescription.




Condoms can be found FREE all over the place.  (Look, there’s one now!)  No, seriously, you can get free condoms at Planned Parenthood, college campuses, health clinics, online . . . and don’t tell me “you’re too embarassed.”  How embarassed will you be walking around with a basketball under your dress for the next 9 months?  How emotionally draining will the experience be if you decide to abort the pregnancy? 

And frankly, if you don’ t have the intelligence to use a condom correctly, perhaps there are other things you should be doing–like boning up on your studies instead. 

While I’m ranting on this subject, let it not be said that I let the ever-pokin’ men off the hook.  You guys want to get lucky, go get some condoms.  And don’t use that one you’ve had in your wallet or backpack since 9th grade.  They degrade with time, as does Nonoxynol-9

Besides, do you really want to be legally, biologically, and financially tied to someone so dumb they can’t figure out a condom for the next 18 years?  🙄

I mean, Christ on a stick, it takes a gay guy to figure this shit out for you?  Maybe you really are as dumb as the AP thinks.


One thought on “The AP Thinks Women Are Stupid Sluts

  1. Yo, I understand you’re pissed and not thinking clearly but condoms are less effective than the pill (ie. pill 97% condoms 93%).
    Also encase you missed it in health class, there are many more contraceptives than the 2 you know of, dozens of types of inserts, sponges, pills taken within 30 minutes just to name a few.
    So, yeah..there is one thing a man can not do and get a girl pregnant. But, there are a lot more things a girl can ‘forget’.
    Your friendly neighborhood level thinker,

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