A Little Bit Of Funny

God bless the Huffington Post for the sheer fodder for humor on this blog. 

She looks like she’s flagging down a man-whore, and he . . . well, we all know what HE looks like he’s doing. 🙂

Speaking of the Clintons and sex (gosh, what a novelty), people keep asking why Bill is pushing so hard instead of encouraging Hillary to bow out gracefully.  In the spirit of humor, here’s a hypothetical flashback that may explain just why Bill’s being so ardent in his support. 


The White House, December 19th, 1998

“Oh, you’re back.”

“Yes dear.”

“Impeached.  You knew the Republicans hated you.  You knew they were coming after you, and you still couldn’t keep it in your pants.”

“Yes, dear.  I’m sorry, dear.”

“Well, let me make it clear to you what’s going to happen from now on, Mister President.  You are going to be the poster boy for good behavior.  Remember what happened to Foster?”

*gulp* “Yes, dear!”

“And so help me, if this comes back to haunt my run for the Presidency in 2008, you’re going to wish your last name was Bobbit.  HIS they were able to sew back on.  You won’t be so lucky.”

**Flash Forward to Present**

THAT’s why he looks like this now. 


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Funny

  1. Not related to the post, but I love the new title banner photo. Definitely one of the most dramatic and wonderful nature pictures I’ve seen for awhile, the fight between an active volcano and a thundercloud, and well used on the site.

  2. Thanks. I meant to credit it (I think I found it linked on a Science Blog, but can’t remember which one)it was actually Andrew Sullivan’s blog, now that I remember. I only wish I could’ve fit more of the picture into the banner.

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