There’s Only One Appropriate Title For This:

And it’s Holy Shit.

At graduation ceremonies he talks about God, but you’ll hear the founder of a Houston-area Christian school not only talk about sex, but ask for it on tape.

It’s the middle of the day when a white pickup truck pulls into the back of a motel on 1960. Then it goes to the very back to park for a long while. We already know who the driver is. His name is LaVern Jordan and he runs Parkway Christian School.

Oh, but it’s “teh gehys” destroying marriage, fidelity, yada yada yada. 


2 thoughts on “There’s Only One Appropriate Title For This:

  1. I agree. The heterosexuals are doing a great job destroying the sanctity of marriage on their own. Encouraging homosexual marriage and homosexual adoption would undoubtedly improve the respectability of marriage when the percentage of broken marriages goes down due to an increase of married people who don’t take marriage for granted. But bigots don’t see things that way. It is much easier for a bigot to fight to make sure the government enforces laws that keep society looking the way the bigot wants things to appear. It is truly sad that with all of our technology, our view of people different from ourselves in still in the dark ages to the point where respectable homosexuals are not able to legally get married. The average American doesn’t have a f)cking clue.

  2. Yes people are people regardless what package they come in and people have flaws and shortcomings. It’s an obvious show of low self-esteem whenever anyone or any group constantly criticizes others as though they are above reproach.

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