Yeah, I know. More Quickies lately than anything else. Sry.

Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that Hamas – the Islamic militant group that has called for the destruction of Israel – is prepared to accept the right of the Jewish state to “live as a neighbor next door in peace.”

I’ll believe it when I see it.  Expect Carter’s statement to be denounced by Hamas in   5 . . .4 . . .3 . . . 

  • The only reason I need to avoid this movie: this guy naked
  • This morning, gas was $3.49 a gallon here.  How much where you gas up?  I’m wondering if I can have a bicycle pedal type thingy installed in the car . . .
  • Finally, this is just a riot.  It makes me think of a line from the movie GO, “I literally had to take him by the ears . . .”

As always, feel free to discuss.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Quickies

  1. and that rationing article is bullshit. The only reason for rationing is inflexible prices (price controls or bad management or both).

  2. My favorite quote from the food rationing thing

    The bustling store in the heart of Silicon Valley usually sells four or five varieties of rice to a clientele largely of Asian immigrants, but only about half a pallet of Indian-grown Basmati rice was left in stock. A 20-pound bag was selling for $15.99.

    “You can’t eat this every day. It’s too heavy,” a health care executive from Palo Alto, Sharad Patel, grumbled as his son loaded two sacks of the Basmati into a shopping cart. “We only need one bag but I’m getting two in case a neighbor or a friend needs it,” the elder man said.

    Oh, now I feel bad. The health care executive is buying more of the “heavy” rice in case he needs to feed his neighbors. I’m sure his emaciated executive neighbors will thank him.

  3. Second favorite quote (regarding the rice rationing)

    “At our neighborhood store, it’s very expensive, more than $30” for a 25-pound bag, a housewife from Mountain View, Theresa Esquerra, said. “I’m not going to pay $30. Maybe we’ll just eat bread.”

    Oh, the horror.

  4. I’m sure his emaciated executive neighbors will thank him.


    Now I have a picture of these waif-thin men in suits that just hang off of them.

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