• Botox May Move From Face To Brain (Although whether anyone who injects botulism into their face actually has a brain in the first place may be up to debate . . .)
  • I’m currently reading both Duma Key by Stephen King (and it appears to be one of his best works to date, truly) and ME2 by M. Christian.  Expect reviews of both within the next week or two.  I had planned on reviewing these sooner, but the spring thaw and a mare about to give birth any minute now (and frankly I’m sick of watching her 24/7) have made any regular reading schedule impossible.  So it’s fly by the seat of my pants for a little while. 
  • Speaking of books, fellow bibliophiles, I recently found a couple of sites for great deals on books: Bookcloseouts.com and Thriftbooks.  (I mean, come ON, a copy of Elie Weisel’s Night for $1.29?  What’s to think about?)  They’re both in the sidebar. 
  • As you may have noticed in this post, I’m trying out the little “answerlinks” button in the post editor.  It allows me to link to certain entries on answer.com without having to find the links myself.  Let me know if it’s annoying.  I know I hate that “snap” feature, so this may be a little better or a little worse. 
As the great Stan Lee always says,

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