Various Notes:

The Husband Store  Too f’in funny. 

Jericho Cancelled Again!!??!!  Those Bastards!!  Nina Tassler, kiss my ass.  No, really.  You should have known that constantly switching what day it’s on and what time it’s on DOESN’T ALLOW FOR A REGULAR AUDIENCE TO BUILD!!  You advertise the hell out of Big Brother, the true downfall of civilization, but didn’t even give Jericho a chance.  You started this season at 10:00 at night, when most people view @ 8 or 9.  Three people I work with didn’t bother to watch because it was on TOO LATE.  And switching the time halfway through the season is too little, too late, especially with the sparse advertising you gave the show.  Clearly you never intended to give the show an honest chance, because these are the same complaints we gave the first time around, and you chose to ignore them.  Well, I’m not sending you nuts.  I’m not sending you anything anymore, and that means not one iota of time viewing your network.  The excuse of “not enough viewers” is a load of crap–the show has more viewers than other shows you choose to keep on the air.  Henceforth I’m going to start finding a nighttime lineup that excludes the Crap Broadcasting Station completely. 


I found a great site for recipes: recipezaar.  Try the Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies.  Mmmm.

Someone please stop the “Obama Girl.”  At least now we know what happened to MTV.  It morphed into youtube.  Please, Obama girl.  You want someone HOT?  Lookee here.  Woof!  (And screw CBS one more time!)

File this under “Things that should not be done.”  The movie was bad enough.  Ugh. They’ll make a musical out of anything these days.  Where’s the one about a bathroom?  The movements are already written!


16 thoughts on “Various Notes:

  1. Patrick, I’m unbelievably envious. I mean, you’re going to see Greg Evigan, Beard Dad from the 80s sitcom “My Two Dads” presumably act and sing tonight!

  2. Re: Jericho… it’s high production cost will hurt it being picked up elsewhere, but with Battlestar Galactica ending on SciFi this season, maybe… maybe…

  3. William, not only that, but did you (or anyone else) notice that at one point they advertised that you could check out “next week’s show” at

    Fit. To. Be. Tied. And Nina Tassler should be forcibly sterilized.

  4. How in the world could Jericho have had a high production cost?

    You could buy the entire town I grew up near (which bears a striking resemblance to Jericho and is almost in the right place) for one star’s hair products budget. It couldn’t have been the price of sets.

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