Time To Cull The Herd?

  • Reports in India of a miraculous image of the Virgin Mary in the sky have led about 50 people to blind themselves by staring at the sun.
  • A judge will consider whether jurors should hear allegations that a man accused of burning his infant daughter in a microwave had sex in an interrogation room after being arrested. You really have to read the whole article to get at the various levels of stupidity involved in this: the defendant, who microwaved his KID; his wife, who allegedly had SEX with him in the interrogation room after he was arrested FOR MICROWAVING HIS KID; and more
  • A 25-year-old woman was arrested for assault in Bremerton, Wash., in December after fighting with her boyfriend in the shower over whether the man’s dog could join them. The woman objected and said the arrangement would be a deal-breaker for their relationship, to which the boyfriend replied that he hoped his next girlfriend would appreciate the dog more. At that, according to police, she punched him several times in the face, and in their struggle, he dislocated his shoulder.
  • And finally, it’s time to re-examine your fashion choices when you start looking like a Romulan Commander:

iggymadgejt.jpg                 romcom.jpg


And yet, instead of addressing any of the aforementioned–let’s be gracious and say gaffes–we engage, as a nation, in things like this:

An eighth-grade honors student at a New Haven school has been suspended for buying a bag of candy at school.

Michael Sheridan, a student at Sheridan Middle School, was suspended from school for one day, barred from attending an honors student dinner and stripped of his title as class vice president.

Officials say he was punished because he bought a bag of Skittles from another student.

Skittles.  Not a knife.  Not a gun.  Not The Anarchist’s Cookbook.  Skittles. 

Priorities, people.  Priorities.


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