Breaking: DC Full Of Cokeheads

We’re Number One!  🙄

There’s a new report out today that compares drug use and mental health state by state.  Turns out that Vermont leads underage drinking and in marijuana users with 41.9% (which explains that Obama voting block, I betcha-snarkity snark snark snark).*

Curiously, DC has the highest rate (pun intended) of cocaine users, 2.4%. 

Utah, however, presents an interesting quandry.  The report states that Utah has the lowest rates of both alcohol & marijuana usage . . . but the highest percentage of mental health problems.  I don’t approve of drug use, but maybe those folks in Utah just need to mellow out.  (Or it could be that having 6 wives really gets to a guy after a while.) 🙂

*I should also note that we anti-smoking commercials currently running on Vermont TV channels in which the teens say, “8 out of ten of us don’t smoke,” are evidently talking only about tobacco.  Heh. 


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