News To Keep You Busy . . .

  • Headline of the Week: The Texas Dildo Massacre
  • A popular site that annoys me by its very premise.  Change “white” to “black,” and there’s no question it’s racist.  So why question it now?  It’s been called humor or tongue-in-cheek; bullshit.  That assumes it’s okay to pick on white people because of the color of their skin, and racism is racism no matter the race. 
  • Ever wondered what would happen to your blog if you died?  Would those other internet people ever know you died, or would they think you were merely suffering from a prolonged bout of writer’s block?  Well here’s a fun idea.  The Blogger’s Emergency ID Card.  Don’t leave your blog without it.
  • We really need to clean up our oceans.  If it’s not cocaine washing up on the shores of England, it’s feet washing up on the shores of Canada.  Human feet.  Ugh.
  • Of course, today is primary day in TX, OH, RI, and my own little state of Vermont.  I will be voting, and not for the new Jesus of Suburbia, either.   I do not think he has the correct perspective needed to deal with One Nation Under Zod that controls a majority of the world’s oil sources.  Already we’ve heard stirrings about backroom deals with Canada over Nafta, and crooked donors such as Rezko (and as he goes to trial we’re going to hear more and more about it).   If he wins, I predict another 4 years of scandals propagated by our old favorites, the Republican Attack Machine.  It doesn’t matter if the accusations are true or not–they’re new, and they’re there.  As much as they (the R.A.M.) hate Hillary, they’ve got nothing new on her–but Obama they will attack with fresh zeal (and a side of parsley).  

Yeah, I said it. 


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