Just A Note:

I don’t know where the polling is getting its data from concerning the VT primary, but I have easily seen 5 times the amount of Hillary signs as Obama signs out there . . .

With former Gov. Kunin and House Speaker Symington stumping and making phone calls for Clinton, I don’t think Obama’s win–assuming he does win VT–will be by nearly as large a margin as predicted. 

Guess we’ll see.


5 thoughts on “Just A Note:

  1. LOL, Jamie.

    Hope and change has turned you into such a curmudgeon. I can see it now…

    You sitting on your porch with a shotgun, telling those Obama students to “take your ‘hippie’ leaflets, shove it up your behind, and get the Hell off my lawn.”

  2. You know, you’re actually pretty accurate with that picture. I used to be truly hopeful about a lot of things, but eight years of incompetency has left me more than jaded.

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