Promise Me

If I ever, EVER, go out in public wearing a shower cap and a fur coat, you will quickly put me out of my misery. 

Or at least check that I’m taking my medications.  Why is it that freaks get so much publicity?


6 thoughts on “Promise Me

  1. He’s quite a freak. Wasn’t always apparently. I saw him at a concert recently and people were surrounding him to take a picture with him. Sadly, I don’t think they really were excited to have their picture taken with him because they like him. I think most of them understood how incredibly cheesy he is and thought it would be fun to get a picture with him.

  2. You know who’s suffering most in that picture? Hello Kitty. For Kitty-chan to be reduced to appearing on a shower cap? Man, it’s only a matter of time before she shows up in a Japanese school-girl uniform doing live shows online with her “trained” eels.

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