Getting Ready For The Growing Season

Between writing furiously and keeping up with the normal chores, I’ve been toying with different parts of the yard, trying to determine where would be the best place for our garden this year. 

Last week I picked up some seed packets to start this year’s garden with.  Since we had such good luck with our tomatoes last year we thought we’d see how well we could do with an expanded garden this year.  (Last year our tomato plants grew–quite literally–as tall as the roof of the house.) 

This time around, in addition to the tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and peppers, we’ve decided to section off a part of the yard to grow additional veggies, such as carrots, radishes, cucumbers, watermelon (I know it’s a fruit), zucchinis, and a few other items.  In fact, Norm already has started some seedlings for the pepper plants that are probably going to have flowers on them by the time the ground is soft enough to dig in! 

We have very fertile soil where we live, and given the news I just read about ever-rising food prices, I’ll be glad to save the money, as well as know where the food is coming from.  Depending on how well the crop does, I may have pictures up this year of the garden and such.  We’re thinking that if the other stuff grows like the tomatoes did last year that we’ll have to start a roadside farmstand!  We also have chickens, as you may or may not know, and are getting a couple of dozen eggs a week.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to sell eggs as well. 

If you happen to know of something that grows well in the northeast that people may not think to try, drop me a line and maybe we can plant some suggestions!  (Legal plants, people, LEGAL plants.)


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready For The Growing Season

  1. We did pretty well with our garden last year. We had tomatoes, cucumbers, and butternut squash. Usually, the cucumber plants are dead by July, but they lasted well until October. We had bad luck with the carrots as birds ate much of the seeds, and a rabbit or some rodent kept on eating the green.

    I will try growing some watermelon or cantaloupe inside to give them a head start. Also have to figure out how to keep the rabbits away from the carrots. And I still have to finish the yard cleanup from last fall. I didn’t get a chance to do much of it before the snow started.

    NDT, I’ve never grown herbs before. And never had luck with salad greens as well as corn. And we already have enough smelly wild scallions growing.

  2. lol

    I forgot to mention that last year my basil grew out of control as well. I even froze some, wrapping it in wet paper towels, then plastic wrap, then aluminum foil, in layers. It lasted quite a while and kept its taste.

    I usually only plant basil, oregano, and thyme for herbs (sometimes cilantro but most of it goes to waste). I wish I could find some Savory and Fennel herbs that are started for me. I use those in my homemade (and much in demand, actually) soups.

    And we are planting onions and a couple kinds of lettuce as well (maybe potatoes, too, if I can find a good spot). Also Broccoli. Those are the “few other items” I mentioned.

    The pepper plants, as I checked last night, are already 3-4 inches tall. I hope the ground thaws fast enough!

  3. Forgot to mention eggplant. Did very well there last summer. Sliced, fried, and froze them. Have enough for several eggplant parmigiana dinners.

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