Ain’t That A Pisser

Pardon my huckster colliquialism. 

Today turns out to be a banner day for the blog.  Until now, the most hits I’ve gotten in a single day was 536–on the day after the Virginia Tech massacre, when I spotlighted Liviu Librescu. 

While perhaps not terribly original or insightful, on that day I at least wrote a post worth reading, unlike today, when I only have a snatching of snide snippets to peruse through.  Yet simply because I posted a quickie link yesterday about a graphic of the as-of-then still theoretical satellite destruction by a Navy Missle, I look at my stat counter today and what do I see?


As of now I’ve had 587 652 741 974  hits on the blog today alone. (Edit: 974 was the total for the day.)  Hopefully some of you coming here for the first time will check out some of the “Best Posts” linked at the bottom of the righthand sidebar.

It is a bit discouraging, though, that despite my many (ok, infrequent) attempts at serious opinion pieces, it’s the crap posts that pull in readers.

Doesn’t bode too well for sales of the novel, either. Hrmph.


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