Superdelegates, Take Note

What we’ve learned over this year is that hope is making a comeback. It is making a comeback and let me tell you something, for the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.

So sayeth the full of hope (and hopeful first-lady) Michelle Obama, speaking in Wisconsin yesterday.

And so goeth Barack Obama’s hopes of winning Texas.  If, at 44 years old, this lady has never before in her adult life been proud of her country, then Obama is sunk in the general election. 

I, for one, have been proud of my country quite a few times in my 34 years on this little planet of ours.  Foremost in my mind is the very manner in which Americans bonded together to help one another following the crises on 9/11/01.  There was a strength in our unity, and our grief, that forged a new national identity and bonded us to our country on that day.  Neighbors helped neighbors, states helped other states, and we showed the best of our character to the world and to each other.   

Whether or not you think we progressed or regressed from that point, on that day we shined as a people and a nation, and that is what I carry with me alongside the memory of those lost–the good that came out of the evil. 

There are, of course, other times when I’ve been proud of my country.  Every time a shuttle makes it safely back to earth with no fatalities, I’m proud.  Every time we give shelter to those who truly need it, amnesty for those who face death in their native lands–at those times, we should all be proud.  Every time someone tells an unpopular truth and is heard by one other person–that freedom of speech makes me proud of my country.  There is so much good in our country, and yes, it’s easily overshadowed by the bad at times (not the least of which is reality television)–but to say that you’ve never been proud of your country until now, when “people are hungry for change?” 

I guarantee you that military families are calling each other right at this moment, incredulous at the gall it takes to make such a statement.  She just smacked every American right in the face.  You can bet your bottom dollar McCain’s people have that quote already being printed on placards for the general election. 


4 thoughts on “Superdelegates, Take Note

  1. As we all know, I’m no fan of Barack’s “paper moon” promises, but I’m not about to criticize him for a statement made by his wife. There’s already too much of that going on this election season. Michelle speaks only for herself. And if folks have a problem with her comments, they should go after her. But Barack wasn’t the one who said it.

  2. And I didn’t criticize Barack. I only pointed out that this comment his wife made is going to hurt him in the general election and the TX primary. Superdelegates who wish to make informed decisions about “electability” need to keep this in mind. Because voters that Obama hopes to cull from the R and I columns will remember it.

    And, btw, I was right. Right-wing talk radio was all over this like flies on shit, telling McCain to make note of this for the general election. I heard it driving in the car not two hours after posting this.

  3. (I only pointed out that this comment his wife made is going to hurt him in the general election and the TX primary)

    Probably true. But I think it is somewhat ironic, given the content of her other comments at this rally. If Barack goes down because of Michelle, I think it’s clear that America isn’t ready for change after all. Nope, same old America.

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