Last Night On American Idol: 1/23/08

Sorry it took so long. 

Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina.  Over 10,000 people showed up to audition, from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii.

And we start with a bang.  First up is Raysharde (Henderson I think), who claims that people call him “the black Clay Aiken.”  He sings Bonnie Raitt’s, “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and not only does he keep going flat, he’s awfully frenetic.  From the way he jumps around he reminds me more of Richard Simmons than Clay Aiken.

Simon: Very 1970’s cruise ship cabaret. . 

Paula: That was very . . .theatrical. 


Nest we hear about a guy whose wife’s water breaks while he’s waiting to audition.  (We see more of him later)


Crystal Ortiz and Randy Stark, who met on the American message boards. 

“We first met right by that trash can.”

How romantic.  πŸ™„

They walk in together and sing a song I’ve never heard of.  I’m glad they at least have each other.  Simon calls it torture.  (Ended up hearing this guy the next day on the Don & Mike Show) 

Next up is a big ol’ queen, a black man in plaid who is just too sassy.

Any body can sing!  But you gotta have that ‘OW factor. 

Fierce.  Jeffrey is just too fierce for television.  Randy likes his shoes. 

He starts singing a duet with his sister, Michelle, and they’re good enough that I stop typing so I can focus.  Michelle is hesitant in a couple of places, but Jeffrey’s confidence helps him here and he carries her through, with his .  They do make some nice harmonies together, but it’s not perfect.  Simon says it was good.  He thinks Jeffrey is better than his sister, and

Randy thought he was the bomb.  He says yes to Jeffrey, and no to the sister, Paula says yes to both, so it’s up to Simon, who surprisingly goes with Paula and says yes to both.  

Simon: “Jeffrey, you have 3 months to get your sister in shape.”  As they jubilantly leave, Simon says to Randy for a second time, “You just can’t break those two up.” 

They’re through to Hollywood.  “Hallelujah Jesus” in the hallway.  One of the better moments this season, definitely. 


Awful montage, then a gold clad cheerleader–we get some background shots with the squad.  She tells us that she preaches to youth about abstinence.  We end up getting the speech ourselves.  Paula has a hard time not laughing.  It sounds funny hearing an abstinence argument come from what sounds like a valley girl. 

She sings “Reflections” by Christina Aguilera. 

She’s not bad, but I can tell you right now that Simon’s going to say she’s nothing special just from the look on his face.

Paula, “I like you.  There’s moments in your voice then it’s . . . so pure, so beautiful.”

Simon: This isn’t going to be quite so thumbs up.  The song was too big for you.  It was a bit like annoying girl singing in the bedroom. 

“A lot of people are going to find you annoying, Amy.”

Paula and Randy disagree, and Amy says “I don’t think that’s very right to say.”

Some minor attitude, but Simon says yes despite his caveats.  A yes from Paula who likes her, then Randy says she has some potential and has to work on it.  3 yes as well and she’s through. 

They all tell her to give Ryan the abstinence speech.  Ryan really needs that speech. 

She leaves, Simon says: You really didn’t find her annoying?

Paula: No, I like her.

Randy: I really agreed with that speech Simon, (ribbing him)

Simon: One week in LA and they’ll all change. πŸ™‚

Evidently, I’m not the only one who likes a rimshot now and then. 

Next up is London Weidberg, who is here with her Mom and Fiance. Her father died of cancer, and that “lit a fire” under her to make the most of her life. 

She sings a Billy Holiday song she did a very nice job.

THey all are somewhat complimentary.  Paula finds her tone “engaging.”  Two yes’s (we never really get a definite answer from Simon) and she’s through . 

A quick montage of those from day one who are going to Hollywood, and then a break. 

Day two begins with Lindsay Goodman, a female air force pilot and we get some on-base footage.  She flies C-17’s.  She sings Black Velvet


Not terrible, but she gets a “no”

Next up is Aretha.  Paula hides from her humongous boobies.  Typical reactions from the guys. 

Aretha Kodner sings Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing–which is just a bit ironic, considering what she’s got up front. 

They’re not impressed by the vocals, and she gets in an argument with Simon.

“I stop crowds”. 

I bet. 

Simon: “You seriously murdered the whitney houston song.  “

Paula tells her about switching keys, but she just won’t take no and argues with them about how well she can sing.  She just can’t believe it.  Goes out running her mouth to Ryan.  “Not only do I have a wonderful voice, but . ”

Hope the next one is better. 

Nope.  I was wrong.  Next up is Joshua Boson who can NOT sing and tramples right through “I Am Not Goin’,” and he’s SO right.  He’s NOT goin’ to Hollywood.  Crap was that bad.

“I can sing somethin’ else.”

Oh My God, he’s got to be kidding me.  They all shudder with “no’s.”

“This show is fake and rigged.”

Simon: “What did you say? “

He repeats the accusation, which Simon rejoinders with, “You’re rude and deluded.”

Goes out slamming the door.  “The Judges SUCK.”

Wow.  They have some folks in South Carolina who must really want out of there. 

Another break, and we see a parade of rejects.  Lots of people crying, lots of “no’s”

And again we see Oliver, the man whose wife went into labor.  He’s been given a second chance to audition (and I bet there’s a few days we’re not shown here, because Baby is there with Mommy.

Really nice tone, but he’s a little nervous, a little trilly I’d say–but that’s a bad habit that can be trained away.  They all remark on too much vibrato.  Three no’s but they want to see the baby.  Little Emma Grace is a cute baby.  But Daddy’s not going to Hollywood. I think he should’ve been given a chance to work on that vibrato.  They gave the fat guy 3 months to get his sister into vocal shape.  Hmph.

The judges picked 23 out of the 10,000 to go to Hollywood, and we’re done with week two of season seven.

Next week, it’s Omaha Nebraska. 


4 thoughts on “Last Night On American Idol: 1/23/08

  1. Surely you meant to say “Next we hear about …” rather than “Nest we hear about …”, while mentioning the contestant whose wife’s water broke during the audition…

    Or do we hear your biological clock tick-tocking? πŸ™‚

  2. They have some folks in South Carolina who must really want out of there.

    *Kevin raises hand shouting ooo ooo ooo, me me me…!”

  3. *Kevin raises hand shouting ooo ooo ooo, me me me…!”

    Ummm…we’ve filled our quota of refugees for the next 10 years.

    Try Vermont. πŸ˜›

  4. lol yes I meant next. Hey, you try typing as fast as they’re going through meatpuppets who audition.

    And my biological clock is ticking, but the neices and nephews will have to suffice.

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