Resurrecting Ben Stein

With severe trepidation and fear that I may resurrect the thread that refused to die, there’s more news on Ben Stein’s anti-evolutionist movie: Expelled

. . . the creators of Expelled have set up a contest encouraging fundamentalist schools to set up mandatory field trips to see the film, the more ticket stubs each school sends in the bigger the donation they’ll receive in return.

What do you think of this tactic?


5 thoughts on “Resurrecting Ben Stein

  1. Meh, it’s hard to pay attention to, let alone give serious credibility to, the antics of someone who just got finished hosting “America’s Most Smartest Model”. That soul got sold a long time ago.

  2. If they’re going to fundamentalist schools, I’m guessing those kids already believe in creationism. Nothing we can do about that.

  3. 1) This film is PG. Be careful about young kids.
    2) There is a finite amount of money and they aren’t saying how much. So obviously you could hope to get your “grant” refund and be disappointed.
    3) Seems really, really desperate to get even a little “box office” on opening weekend.
    4) Now that you know it’s a lying piece of political propaganda, it could not possibly be entertaining.

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