Mogul Gets Legal Brief Wedgie

  • Dov Charney, founder and chief executive of casual fashion giant American Apparel, acknowledges that he has appeared in his underwear many times in front of male and female employees.  (source)

Sexual harassment, of course, isn’t funny.  What I wonder, however, is if walking around in your underwear constitutes sexual harassment in an industry where at least 50% of the people walk around in their underwear anyway.  Is this “ugly discrimination?”  *snark*

Apparently he cast himself as the “fit model” for designing his underwear line .  Walking around in his skivvies would seem to be integral to that function, and the claimants could be seen as disgruntled–were it not for this:

Charney’s eccentric behavior in and out of the workplace has become legendary. Most notably, he masturbated in front of a magazine reporter interviewing him in 2004.

*shudder*  Must think of different image–MUST THINK OF DIFFERENT IMAGE–YAAAARGH!!!

On a side note, the picture of this guy immediately reminded me of Dan Futterman when he played Karen’s cousin Barry on Will&Grace.  Before his makeover.   



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