Toilet Humor

Whoever makes the decisions on just what cases the ACLU takes on really needs a head-check.  From today’s MSNBC:

The ACLU filed a brief Tuesday supporting Craig. It cited a Minnesota Supreme Court ruling 38 years ago that found that people who have sex in closed stalls in public restrooms “have a reasonable expectation of privacy.”That means the state cannot prove Craig was inviting the undercover officer to have sex in public, the ACLU wrote. . .Even if Craig was inviting the officer to have sex, the ACLU argued, his actions would not be illegal.

The ACLU also noted that Craig was originally charged with interference with privacy, which it said was an admission by the state that people in a bathroom stall expect privacy.

Privacy in a bathroom would indicate ONE person in my book.  It all seems laughably obvious to me–it’s a PUBLIC restroom, and you have the right to not have to hear couples grunting in the next stall. 


One thought on “Toilet Humor

  1. I find it funny that what might save Craig is that (in the ACLU’s view) being able to have gay sex in a stall may get Craig off the charge, even though Craig is publicly opposed to the fundamental right of two consenting same sex adults to have sex.

    Sure, I understand that Craig will do whatever he can to have the charge removed. And he does appear to be lacking in principles. But I find it amusing anyway.

    I think a better argument for Craig would be to say that merely soliciting for sex in a public men’s room without necessarily having sex in the men’s room should not and perhaps isn’t illegal. Who’s to say that his signals, such as touching scummy stall floors, toe tapping, and wide stance crap, was just to say that he was interested in having sex with the cop, but not in the stall? Do we know if Craig’s toe tapping only led to sex in the bathroom, or perhaps he sometimes went elsewhere (like a public park, or gasp, maybe a real private place). Of course, given Craig public stance (hehe) against homosexuality, we’d have the same kind of irony.

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