Blatent Lies on the Huffington Post?

The Pro-Obama/Anti-Hillary Bias of the Huffington Post has been anything but subtle for quite some time now.  Arianna herself has certainly not been wanting for articles expounding on the virtues of the Crown Prince of Illinois and castigating Hillary at every turn.  Now, however, they have reverted to deception in order to trick readers into viewing an anti-Hillary advertisement. 

This link is supposed to be video of a man heckling the moderators at last night’s democratic debate in Nevada.  It is labeled as such, and the link is labeled the same way.  Go ahead and click on the video.  I’ll wait. 

Done?  Okay.

While I’m used to having to watch the occasional ad before viewing a video segment, it is inconscionable to dupe your audience with a bait-and-switch like that.  And many, many Huffpo commenters agree:

  • That,s it I,ve had it I will not come back to this site ,why don,t you just change the name to the ObamaPo and see where your audience goes Arianna ,hell change it to FauxPo that might be a little closer to the truth.Adios.
  • Huffington Post owes its readers a written apology for this clearly biased behavior.
  • It is obvious the Obama Post has given up all remnants of impartiality. (I think this person meant semblance, but you get the point.–Jamie)
  • Wow.
    This crap has been here all night. Now, I know it’s not a mistake. It’s deliberate.
I can’t WAIT to hear the explanation for this one.

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