Hotmail Down?

I’ve been unable to access hotmail this morning.  Anyone else having this problem?

My Yahoo mail is working fine, however. 


144 thoughts on “Hotmail Down?

  1. Can’t get in either – Get “service Unavailable” message

    All other sites fine – Hotmail has been dogging for days…..

  2. For a few days now mail is not available on hotmail. Nothing more that I know about this topic. Its the first time in those many years that I’ve been with hotmail. Would have thought they could fix something as big as hotmail in time pronto.

  3. I’ve been considering changing to a different email service for a while because of ongoing crap like this. AND with no consideration for customers who may appreciate just a brief explanation! Today just cinched it for me. Stupid Hotmail.

  4. i could care less when i get my mail any other time, but the 1 time i need to check it before going to work, it is shut down. W T F!!!!!!

  5. Psshhh….GMail, here I come! @#$%!!!!
    Seriously, if anyone finds an estimated resolution time, please share it here. I will do the same.

  6. Seems the servers that handle mobile mail for cell phones is also having issues. Not been able to connect for 2 days. I was able to login from my PC early this morning but now it’s down. Bummer.

  7. Down again. Not even an error page. Not even an unresolved error message. Can’t access it via my laptop nor my mobile device. Reminds me that you never now what ya got, till it’s gone. It’s like having the greatest girlfriend in the world, with great sex anytime you like, except for the time she goes completely crazy three or four times a year, and you just need to wait it out… 😉

  8. any ideas what is going on? Can’t go to work because my clients all email when they need me, hope I don’t loose my job. This sucks.

  9. If your job depends on hotmail, or any other public email system for that matter, it was a bad choice. Hotmail is, perhaps, the worst choice for business related systems because it’s known the world over to be the single largest spamming system. It’s catagorically blocked on many company email systems.

  10. I definetely wouldn’t make my job dependent on hotmail.
    This really isn’t a serious account-hoster and I would never create a professional account on it.

  11. The funniest thing about this is that I posted about it over a month ago. Evidently hotmail’s having serious problems today–over 600 hits to this post TODAY.

    All: There are PLENTY of free email services out there including hotmail: gmail, yahoo mail, etc. Why restrict yourself to just one? I have 4 separate email accounts that my friends all know, and many of them do as well. Just attach all of someone’s different addresses to their profile in your “contacts” folders, and they should get a copy in each service when it’s really important.

  12. Hotmail is making me crazy… What is the problem? It’s been down all day!!!!!!!!!!! It is time to let them stay down and switch to another service.

  13. That Microsoft can not put up a simple splash screen apologizing for the outage and giving some kind of explanation goes to the heart of what is wrong with them. Horrendous Service.

    Time to buy a Mac with open office and a gmail account.

  14. I one of the people who pay for Hotmail (I do not use the free service), so I am a little disturbed by the problems. That said, they are better than many other ISP e-mail servers – and I don’t want to crawl to MSN!!!

    I wish they had some way of announcing what is happening – help line -especially is one is paying

  15. It’s been down for me all day. Sometimes I can get to the login page, sometimes I get a time out error (browser-side). Lately I’ve been getting a big bold “Service Unavailable” when I attempt to access the login page. I guess I’ll have to use my gmail account today. I was really hoping to get my email this morning.

  16. Can’t belive this sh!t… I was actually being offered a job this morning and I needed to retrieve a saved resume in my Hotmail… BUT GUESS WHAT!!! SERVICE UNAVAILABLE… Ugggg…

  17. this is rediculious, to think we make them millions by just looking at the retarded ads on our screen, I’m switching to guico…. even though they arent an email provider they are probably still much much better. :p

  18. I’m glad it’s not just me. It’s not pressing that I use Hotmail right now, but I am waiting on an informative e-mail that’s semi-urgent, so this is still an inconvenience. On one hand, it’s free, on the other hand, it’s still annoying.

    And yes, I suggest keeping more than one e-mail account. I have one thru AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. Of course, AOL is being obnoxious in shutting down accounts randomly for bogus “TOS violations”, so I said to hell with them.

  19. yep mine still down. The hotmail I could care less about but my gas service uses the windows live login to access and can’t get to that either because I can’t log in….

    I understand down time but for a company Microsoft’s size, it should never been as long as this has been….

  20. I am so frustrated. Haven’t checked email in 3 days and I really need to see what’s going on in my life. This is worse than an electrical blackout

  21. Well this is the last straw. If any of you Microsoft SOB’s are reading this, I am abandoning my hotmail account. This has happened a handful of times over my long term hotmail patronage, and I simply cannot have this happen again. I now have the pain in the ass task of creating a gmail account and notifying everyone i know to update their address books. Thanks alot Bill Gates, you f’ing terd…

  22. crap crap crap….it’s just teasing me!….it’s up then down…..

    I don’t care what you say about it being free. It is still a SERVICE that they are offering (which they do profit from, by the way!) so they should at the very least communicate issues to customers.

  23. Currently down again. It seems to come in spurts. Might not be the servers at all. Could be a fault router or other Internet releated issue.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m no M$ fan but don’t want to make false assumptions either.

  24. This is bizarre. I have two hotmail accounts and two hotmail users at home. One, mine is on IE 7. One, my roomates, is on firefox. I get in on firefox not problem. Both accounts are set up to straight to mail and stay signed in. IE7 says unavailable. Hotmail is in the with record speed. Its like hotmail on speed.

    Anyone else having this problem with them today?

  25. This marks 10 years for me as well with the same address. But it’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last time the service is unavailable.

  26. Hmmm… I was able to get in just now. Although, according to some of the previous posts, it looks like there’s been several “false hopes” this morning.

  27. I was supposed to get the info on recieving 1million dollars! today was the last day from my client our contract expired at 10:00 am now I am screwd, and lost 1 million dollars!!!!!!! thanks a lot hotmail you a holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I dont know if I can even pay my rent! I hate you!

  28. “I was supposed to get the info on recieving 1million dollars! today was the last day from my client our contract expired at 10:00 am now I am screwd, and lost 1 million dollars!!!!!!! thanks a lot hotmail you a holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I dont know if I can even pay my rent! I hate you!”

    omgz jill, that was funny as heck.

  29. Okay guys, I’m back (miss me)?

    I got into hotmail and I still can’t find a damn job!!

    I was looking for one of those $1 M deal emails, too, and couldn’t find it.

    Jamie, you and your partner are alright w/ me, but what racist post are you referring to? Sierra Leone?

  30. Aw, come on everybody. I used to work for a big DSL service provider. Shit happens. When it did, I had to deal with people that made noises like you. Meanwhile the technicians were technicianing away as fast as they could You can’t get around the fact that we still live in a universe where shit happens and it takes time to fix it. Even if you are PAYING. Sorry.

    It IS a big pain (I’m only here because I googled to see what other people thought) but it ought to make everyone think about the fact that we are all leaving huge portions of our BRAINS on other people’s servers.

    If you don’t want to lose it, put it in a sock and hide it under your bed.

    Jaded ex-tech support worker.

  31. And by the way, I still can’t CHECK MY HOTMAIL!!!

    Usually it works. I have two other onlline e-mail addresses, but still. I hope the technicians aren’t all drunk, or something.

  32. By the way, there’s no point checking, you are probably not receiving new emails. I tried sending myself one to check, didn’t work at all.

  33. Jamie, you and your partner are alright w/ me, but what racist post are you referring to? Sierra Leone?

    No, sorry, I should’ve made that clearer. There was a post directly after yours where someone used the N word, and I deleted it. My bad for being unclear.

  34. Ok, doubting it’s a server related issue now. Try doing a traceroute from and you’ll see the route is full of errors. Bummer.

  35. this is so retarted! I have work to do… UGH Microsoft is horrible so many problems, im gonna buy a mac, and get a .mac account

  36. It is 19:16 GMT (London, UK) and hotmail still aint working…!!!

    im sure its gotta be close to 3/4 am in america?

    has it been down all day.

    long live micro$hit eh?? bloody hell!

  37. The point is that there trying to fix it, but they shoulda at least showed something telling us.. O well they are trying to fix the servers thats probably why only some of you are getting in as only some servers are starting to work.

  38. I finally got in around 1 or 1:30 p.m. EST, but then it crapped out again. I said I needed to read a semi-important e-mail earlier, then I forgot to write down the pertinent information. Silly me.

  39. The news is starting to hit the wires…AP, Reuters, etc…it’s worldwide in scope.

    I wonder if they got attacked. And ominously, there has been mention of deleted new and saved messages from inboxes…yikes! I KNEW I should have backed up my stuff! I know better. Pure speculation: perhaps some Russian hacks were paid by Google goons to mess up the potential merger?

  40. I have just realised I am on an american site due to the time of the posting – I am in the UK. Try as I usually get in through with my e-mail address.

  41. Hey everyone,I’ve been using hotmail for quite sometime now. I pay for the service because it is the only part of my contact information that never changes and it is convenient because it is web based. That said, I don’t like the idea of changing to a different service.
    But I do have one question for anyone out there who might have a good answer: Is there anyway to archive your old messages from hotmail and at least save them to a separate folder for storage on your hard drive ?? I also recently started using Thunderbird to send and receive e-mail (thru my hotmail account) when I’m at home. I would appreciate any useful suggestions or information. Thanks. Have a good day and I hope hotmail is up and working again soon…

  42. If you get logged in, just stay there. Seems to be logging in that causes the most trouble. I’ve been in for over an hour now and can read and write mail. If I try on another machine, I have trouble getting logged in.

    So just STAY there if you get in.

  43. This is hilarious — previous post by someone else, tried to access hotmail via Firefox and could. Couldn’t send, though, or at least I just copied and pasted into yahoo due to boredom, waiting.

  44. Hey Juiianyway, seriously… I really was wondering if there was anyone out there that could clue me in to a good way to archive and store old messages instead of leaving them on some one else’s server. Everything I said in the previous post was factual, just wonderin’ why you found it hilarious? –you can connect to POP accounts on hotmail if you pay for the upgrade. It doesn’t cost that much and is real convenient, especially when traveling a lot…

  45. I was just curious also if anyone out there knew what caused the problem with hotmail today? –Believe it or not I’m just getting my internet connection back and haven’t been able to check around. It seems the Telecable servers down here took a crap today as well. It was a double WTF for me today, and I had to wonder if I was simply going crazy…

  46. Hot mail is only partially working. I can log in. i can even send a test email to my paid account, but any emails to my hotmail account from my paid acount are rejected.

    The short story is that even if it appears to be working, you are probably not getting all of your mail.

    I really need to contact someone on hotmail – suck for me (and the million dollars I lost LOL)

  47. Oh well – forgot to mention. Million dollar deals are easy to find on hotmail. I have someone contact me at least once a week about a wealthy deceased realtive or some multi-million miss-allocated funds they need help with. I’m a millionaire many times over. If this ever clears up, I can just sit back and wait for the money to start pouring in… I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank LROL!

  48. I know this topic was brought up a month ago, but Hotmail is still down for me. Am I alone in this? When I go to, it struggles to load the page. It stays on a black screen but is static in loading.

    We’ve recently moved house and for the first few weeks we didn’t have an internet connection so I don’t know if it didn’t work then. Now, we’ve been online for a fortnight or so, it’s worked a bit through then but over the last week I haven’t been able to get on at all. Once or twice, if I have left it loading long enough, it comes up with the hotmail sing in page but instead of being able to sing in, a message comes up in red saying something like, ‘we’re down at the moment, come back later’. Unfortunately, ‘later’ has been every few hours for a week. It’s starting to get irritating. Am I the only one experiencing this problem at the moment, or are others as infuriated with hotmail as I am?

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