Current Mood: A wee bit bitchy, but having fun with it. 

Have you ever gone to wash your dishes after lunch, and found that someone has left a smelly dishrag in the sink?  No matter how much soap you use, the stink just doesn’t come out of the washcloth enough for you to wash your dishes without the awful smell transferring to those same dishes.  And usually you don’t realize that the washcloth stank until later on when you have to scratch your nose or something.  I would have to say that’s one of my biggest pet peeves.  At home I always take a fresh, clean cloth out to wash the dishes, but we only have so many washcloths to use at work, so I sometimes forget to check the smell factor.  Then I go out after lunch and have a cigarette (sue me) and it’s not until I light put the cigarette in my mouth that I realize that my hands stink like day-old ass that’s been left out in the sun too long from that stinky cloth.  
Ranting aside, I thought that might be an adequate lede for a post on Pet Peeves.  Here are a few of my other Pet Peeves: 

  • People who make up words and think it sounds intelligent.  Such as “embiggen.”  Yesterday JoeMyGod had a picture that was “embiggenable.”  I still have red pen marks across my screen.  
  • “Orientated.”  That’s another one.  The fucking word is “oriented.”  Quit adding syllables.
  • People who don’t answer their emails.  You know who you are.   
  • People who de-link your blog from their blog without explanation or warning.  If I piss you off somehow I’d really like to know, ya know?  
  • People who ask if you’d like to begin a project like, oh, I don’t know, say a group blog, and then vanish off the face of the earth once you set the thing up. 
  • People who say they hate memes then pass them on anyhow.  Yes, I am my own pet peeve.   
  • Charles Wilson
  • Having to repeat myself
  • Charles Wilson
  • People who don’t get humor
  • Charles Wilson
  • Comment threads that don’t end
  • Bitchy bloggers
  • Spam–I can handle the usual viagra spam and crap, but does anyone really think that a reader of this particular blog is interested in seeing Angelina Jolie naked?
  • The jerk that owns and doesn’t even use it. 
  • People who ask you to review movies and then piss and moan because you were honest when their movie sucked total ass. 
  • Getting my ass kicked daily in my own trivia game
  • Writer’s block


16 thoughts on “Peeved

  1. Advice: microwave the dishrag before you use it. If you can’t do that, get a box of baking soda and use it on the rag, dishes, and your hand (take a small snort for medicinal and digestive purposes as well).

    “Embiggen” is a word from The Simpsons; it’s in the town motto, first stated by Jebediah Springfield himself: “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man”.

    And as for Charles Wilson, I may be able to fix that one; I don’t, and I don’t know a soul who does, think any less of you because of what he says about you.

  2. Another thought. You could always contact that jerk who owns and offer him something in return (cash, eggs, whatever) for the name.

  3. Wait, what did Charles say about Jamie? I just thought he was going after NDT (don’t take out a hit on him, NDT, he’s not worth the karma mod-down). Pat, the only experience I’ve had with said nasty piece of work is over on The Malcontent. He’s got real issues and a penchant for name calling. Does he have some other claim to fame than being a psycho stalker troll?

    JiL’s suggestion is a good one, but I imagine since IMBD is very close to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and many people, myself included, frequently go there because of our fat fingers, the something you would have to offer would be quite expensive. Otherwise, would probably already have bought it themselves.

    Good tips on the sponge stink problem. I just buy new ones, but that can get expensive so I’m going to start trying some of these at home and see if I can extend a sponge’s life. I would assume I shouldn’t put my steel wool pads in the microwave, right?

  4. Not unless you really, really like fireworks, QJ. 🙂

    Actually, my partner just got me hooked on copper-wool pads, which are hard to find and hideously expensive in comparison, but which do a much nicer job without scratching pans — and which are rust-resistant.

    For the sponge, I usually do a minute or so in a strong microwave, two minutes in our ’80s era one.

  5. QuakerJono, for the record, I’m not the same Pat as PatrickP (in case you or someone else thought that). I probably should come up with a new moniker. I saw someone who posted as “Pat” on GayPatriot and it wasn’t me either. I would be more of a PatrickS than a PatrickP anyway.

    Like PatrickP, I put my sponges in the dishwasher as well. Hmmm. Maybe we are the same person. 🙂

    I’ve seen Charles Wilson post on other sites, and he can be rational at some points. But I’ve seen on Malcontent where he called Jamie and others Log Cabinettes for disagreeing with him. So that kind of ruins any rational points he comes up with.

    As for embiggening words, my favorite is “irregardless.” But you should be careful ensmallening phrases and not say “I could care less” when one really meant couldn’t care less.

  6. Jamie, I know you hate threads that never end but have you tried putting a capful of bleach in the dishwater each time? I never have a stinking rag when I do.

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