I created this blog on May 17th, 2006—not quite two years ago.  Sometime last night or early this morning, my blog passed the 50,000 hits mark.  While that might not seem like much to a lot of you out there, to a little guy like me living in the sticks, with no college degree, it’s awfully humbling. 

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for stopping by, commenting when you do, and making life interesting.  If there’s something you like or dislike, want to see more or less of, or think I should talk about, please leave a comment or drop a line at the “Contact Me” page.  It will send me an email that I WILL respond to—unlike several bloggers I know.  *cough, cough* 

And thanks again for helping me reach the 50,000 hit mark. 


6 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Thanks. And that’s not even counting the 49,068 spam comments that Askimet has deflected!

    The depressing side is that Andrew Sullivan got 400,000 hits yesterday alone. *sigh*

    Maybe I should start advertising.

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