The Crying Game

Hoo boy.  I can tell already; it’s going to be a very long year. 

Having posted yesterday about Senator Obama and the herd mentality of the Deaniac remnant that seeks to embrace him as the second coming of Martin Fitzgerald Luther Kennedy Jr, I thought I’d take a gander around the web to see if anyone agreed with me.  Encouragingly enough, I am not alone. 

Let me start with this piece from today’s Huffington Post, which uses a similar car analogy to mine:

I write this before the New Hampshire primary results are all in, but from the early morning voting tally it appears that Barack Obama will have a victory over Hillary and Edwards, and probably go on to capture the Democratic nomination. America seems to be prepared to give him the keys to the car. I know he’s got the gas, but I am still not sure that he can drive, and without that knowledge, I am unprepared to become a passenger in his vehicle. If he does win the Democratic nomination, I fear that we will all of us be panning for facts and policies, knee deep in a puddle of rhetoric. . .

Right now I know that Barack Obama would make the best high school class president in these United States. He has the smarts, the looks, the charm, and the popularity, likes sports, and he plays well with others. But this isn’t high school, or even Harvard Yard, and I think we should ask more of our Presidents.

Pretty close to what I was saying, don’t you think?  But that’s just one man’s opinion, so let’s see what else is out there.  How about this comment on today’s Washington Post article about students walking out on Bill Clinton at Dartmouth:

Its so sad to see this particular group of people(students)being suckered into Obamas’
empty promises. What exactly is this man for? He’s a snake oil salesman with a slick, 1940’style of oratory that has played well with people who don’t really examine what all these catch phrases and airy rhetoric are covering up -such as lack of specifics on any subject from economics, a possible recession, to global warming. From the beginning of this campaign I have watched with absolute horror as people
gravitated to this man who has no substantive plan for the direction of our country and our place in the world and who gets a free pass from the press on what constitutes his platform . It looks like mass hysteria, not a thoughtful decision about who can best lead us. I am a retired teacher, who supported my students to be independent thinkers and to never hesitate to be the only one on a side of a particular subject. I see a herd mentality emerging in these primaries that has a chilling effect.
A candidate who has specific domestic and global goals they can begin to activate early in their administration, without gaps for on the job training ,is an absolute must in these perilous times.

I completely agree. 

While I’m not endorsing Hillary (or anyone else at this time), I did get a chance to watch the ever-spreading video of her purported “tears” while speaking yesterday in New Hampshire.  First of all, she wasn’t crying–to me she appeared exhausted and had practically no voice left.  And IMHO, that particular scene was not an act.  Those who say it was seem to be forgetting that we’ve seen her act, and she can’t do it well at all.  Remember her speech to the African-American congregation where she affected the dialect?  Bad acting.  How about the many, many appearances in public that she made with Bill after the whole Lewinsky scandal came to light?  That forced smile fooled no one.  No, this time I’m inclined to believe that she was tired and let her guard down–which may, in fact, help her in the long run.  Of course, this is being spun as something she hoped for and so she was “crying on purpose,” but again, Hillary’s always been easy to read, I think.  And when she said “take a step backward” in the “tears” clip, I’m certain she was acknowledging her belief that if Obama wins the Democratic Nomination then the Republicans will win the White House.  Looking at the current slate of Republican nominees, that’s enough to make anyone cry. 

But I just don’t believe Obama has what it takes to lead successfully.  You can follow the Pied Piper if you choose, but I can’t.  Neither can Mike:

I want to understand how this can be a different Obama than the one that was an Illinois legislator, a veritable do-nothing legislator that never made change, only compromise to not ruffle feathers. I want to know how a man who went back on his word to the citizens of Illinois that, if elected U.S. Senator, he would not run for any other office in order to attain the things he promised to them while not even lasting a year before entertaining and announcing a run for president.

Here’s the part where I just stop and whistle knowingly for a bit. 

Okay, done whistling.   

Even Democratic Underground has become a war zone between Hillary supporters and Obama supporters.  Here are some samples of people agreeing with me about Obama’s unbelievablity after his Iowa “win”:

  • obama is not my candidate at all. i almost would rather see clinton win – at least i know who she is and where she comes from, but Obama, he might as well be a Karl Rove plant for all I believe him
  • Look at his voting record. Look at his life. He has never done a thing to change anything. He offers a lot of smooth sounding phrases, but I don’t see much behind them.
  • American love to feel good and be told what they want to hear.
    He knows how to do that apparently.
    What specifically he can really do to help the country?
    Well Barack….We’re still waiting for those specifics.

And those comments were before Obama and Edwards commented on Hillary’s “teary scene” yesterday.  Some DU’ers are getting extremely pissed:

I’m from Iowa and had my shot for my support can be nothing but symbolic. I hope Hillary wins tomorrow, if for nothing else just to piss off all the assholes who are slamming her today for being a human being and showing a little emotion. I’ve NEVER been a Hillary supporter but tomorrow Hillary is my candidate. On Wednesday I will go back to being neutral. I will stand up and cheer for her to win NH. She gets kicked for being too cold…then she gets kicked for “crying”. To hell with you all. And before you start in about how “phony” she is, you damn sure better ask yourself if you’ve ever questioned the sincerity of any male candidate (including your own) that has shown the least bit of emotion. I hope it’s Hillary by a landslide..and all of you out there that think that you are providing a service by slamming her every opportunity you get, I hope your “karma” comes back to bite your own candidate in the ass.

Maybe she can recover and get the nomination with some help in the big primaries on SuperTuesday.  I don’t know.  But more and more people are re-examining Obama’s rhetoric and finding it for what it is . . . I just hope the revelation doesn’t come too late. 

Because the thought of “President Huckabee” should scare the shit out of all of you.


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