On Huffington’s Posts

While Arianna Huffington has penned some damning criticisms of Hillary, it’s her website and she’s entitled to write her opinions. 

However . . .

Allowing your bloggers to post nonsensical, overly hyperbolic, and overtly slanderous headlines such as this:


is pitiful, Arianna.  And shame on you for allowing this kind of crap on your website.  There is nothing presented that supports that headline except in the most twisted reality I can imagine.  And the lead-in link is even worse, omitting the word “appears.” 


Perhaps you should consider the last words of that very “article:”

If only there was some way to, say, vet a speaker’s remarks in advance or something!

Indeed.  Or a staff writer’s completely speculative and misleading headlines. 

So tell me again how it’s the Clinton camp that’s playing dirty? 


9 thoughts on “On Huffington’s Posts

  1. I love how the media’s reporting Hillary’s victory in NH as merely “squeaking by” and “slowing down” Obama. That’s when the news anchors are not suggesting that she faked the meltdown to win. It’s clear who the darling Democrat of CNN, CBS, and MSNBC is. Hint: It’s not the candidate in the blue pant suit.

    You know, I may not think Hillary’s the best person for the job (at least, at this juncture), but the attacks against her are pretty vile. And I’ve always thought the hatred directed at her was over-the-top. The people who hate Bill Clinton… hate Hillary. But the people who love Bill Clinton… also hate Hillary. It’s like folks just want her to fail, whether the reasons are rational or not.

  2. That’s all very good and well, John, but what do you think about the real issue of the day: Jamie’s new theme?

    Are you a supporter of my party, The Laugh Laugh Happy Sunshine Like Club, who spread joy and wonder all over the globe and heartily embrace the change Jamie’s new layout represents.

    Or are you a member of JiL’s curmudgeonly Glumsourpusses, who are afraid of change, are never happy and, from what unidentifiable sources have told me, support terrorism and hate America?

    The choice seems pretty obvious to me…

  3. Hmm, looks like Arianna must’ve agreed with me–they’ve changed the headline to:

    “Clinton Surrogate Makes Creepy Reference To JFK Assassination”

    I’d laugh if it were funny, but it’s really just sad.

  4. You should impress me with meaningless, ego-driven symbolic gestures. You know, like having a special post about me, me, me. Or changing the font scheme to automatically bold everything I write. After all, everyone needs to pay attention to my every whim.

    Yes, I’m that much beloved creature that pops out of the swamp every 4 years. I’m a wishy-washy, capricious undecided voter. Which layout I like today is dependent on Bill O’Reilly’s Last Word (or Bill Maher’s New Rules, as an “independent” I love both), the current alignment of my office desk, and whether Jamie’s haircut makes him look too gay.

  5. Wait. Did you just say something about my hair? What’s wrong with my hair? Anyone? (looks around) ANYONE? WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY HAIR!?!?!?!

    Speaking of meaningless, ego-driven symbolic guestures: I thought you said you weren’t drinking the kook-aid?

    I’m was so pleased to see the shake-up in NH. It shows that at least the WHOLE country isn’t a bunch of easily led sheep. Baaaaa-rack O-baaaaaa-ma.

  6. I said I wasn’t drinking it yet.

    Barack’s not totally out of it. He just hasn’t presented anything specific enough for me to say yay or nay.

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