Say It Ain’t So: A Knight Rider TV Movie?

Good grief:

Here’s the “Rider” movie’s plot summary from the release: “Sarah Graiman (Russo) is a 24-year-old Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University, following in her genius father Charles’ (Davison) footsteps. But when men attempt to abduct her, Sarah receives a mysterious call from KITT warning her that he’s a creation of Charles, who also invented the first KITT 25 years ago—and that her father is in serious danger. Sarah and KITT track down her best friend from childhood, Mike Tracer (Bruening), a 23-year-old ex-Army Ranger, whom Sarah hasn’t seen since he left home at 18. Having served in Iraq, Mike is now jaded and lost and initially resistant. Eventually he agrees to help Sarah and the two set out to discover who’s behind the attempt to procure KITT and find Charles.”

Reportedly, the Hoff makes a cameo reprising his role as Michael Knight.  Disturbing as that is, the most disturbing part of the story is this:

The new KITT car will have some “Transformers”-like shape-shifting abilities (the story’s scientific explanation: “nanotechnology”).


(h/t to Pam for the story, but shame on her for calling it the “one of the worst series of the 1980’s.” Tsk, tsk) 


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