DNA Dating

This little effort should prove . . . vewwy intewesting. 

A new dating service that says it’s the first to use DNA matching to find that “perfect someone” is scheduled to launch in Boston Tuesday. . .

“Nature attracts us to our genetic matches with our noses. The fact is, we love how other people smell when their immune systems are different from ours—they smell sexier,” the company wrote in a release on its Web site.


I bet the perfume companies are just livid.  Although if this works, I can see a new market arising–celebrity DNA-based scents.  Tagline: “Make your lover think you’re Brad Pitt!” 

Oh, joy.  One question, though: will this work for gay people, and if so, how?  (Okay, two questions.)  We just aren’t going to reproduce, no matter how much we keep trying. 

Can you just imagine the inexpensive local versions of this that will eventually come about?  “For twenty bucks you just leave your dirty undies here and people come in and smell them.  You never know who you’ll meet!”  Business name: Don’tlightamatch.com. 

And if this starts some trend where people quit bathing in hopes of finding their soulmate, I’m becoming a complete hermit. 


One thought on “DNA Dating

  1. So, what ever happened to the old timey ritual of peeing on a tree and just letting them come to you, lol. No matter how many ways they try to make dating easier, it won’t get easier 🙂

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