Rising Star or Falling Star?

Daniel Letterle, you know, the kid that played the straight guy in CAMP, and starred in the Ethan Green movie, has posted . . . well . . .this.

Ahem.  Well, yes, there it is. 

Is it just me, or is he looking more and more like Scott Bakula every day?  (And no, that’s not a good thing.) 


5 thoughts on “Rising Star or Falling Star?

  1. Sry, personal opinion. I know everyone’s all hot on Captain Archer, but I couldn’t stand Quantum Leap and he always gave me the creeps on that show.

  2. Scott Bakula isn’t that memorable.

    I know taste is subjective, but IMO, Enterprise was truly awful in most respects. It was a show that ran completely on auto-pilot, recycling the same 1960s-1980s plots from previous series. The cast didn’t seem to have much chemistry together either.

    I don’t mean to say this lightly. However, the fact that Archer and Co. lasted four long seasons is a testimony to the fanaticism of Trekkies. If they could enjoy that, they’d watch literally anything.


  3. Scott Bakula? are you kidding?? Well, maybe in another 15 years he’ll resemble him a little more. I think it’s the shaved-off hair. Thank goodness he grew it back out recently…

    The “Dan Letterle Naked” episodes were filmed back in LA many months ago (before this past summer). so, I guess you could say it’s not all that “new”. So far, he hasn’t been in the spotlight lately.

    He may not be an Oscar winner, but he’s a decent human being. a little flighty at times, but what actor isn’t? Then again, he was a bit like that in high school too… lol

  4. Dan is a pretty sweet guy, he and his wife are living here in Ohio where he works as a firefighter, his second love besides acting. he fired his agent and publicist in 2007 and opted to focus on a more lucrative career (he makes far more money now than he pulled from any of his films)

    even without representation he still gets offers for new films but has thus far turned them down

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