If I Hear. . .Just One More Time. . .

. . .The expression “promoting homosexuality,” then I’m going to start printing banners, making up pamphlets delineating the joys of gaydom, and ringing bells on college campuses and in department store entranceways with a little pink bucket at my side.  I’ll apply for tax-exempt status as a religious demonination, and establish the Church of Queer.  Maybe I’ll even make a gay baseball movie and call it “Field of Queens.”  Remember, if you build it, they will come!  Or perhaps I should start going door-to-door with Norm and we should try to “convert” others.  Wouldn’t that go over well on Sunday mornings in the neighborhood.  Hrmph. 

Too bad stupidity hasn’t been evolved out . . . yet.  (Hint, hint . . . make wiser choices, ladies.)


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