Questions Unanswered

Via Frontlines:

 On November 28th, YouTube and CNN will hold the second presidential primary debate. This time, the republicans will battle it out for the race to the White House. This means that it’s time to cast your vote! What questions do you want to see answered? Go to  to vote for your favorite video.

Personally, I think this video is pretty eloquent:

However, be warned: there are no “gay” questions among the top seeds right now.  You may find the above video for searching for “Active Duty,” but it had been voted up 94 times and down 90.  None of the videos submitted that showed up under a search for “gay” fared any better. 

This video by KCflood had 35 “up” votes, and 35 “down” votes.  In fact, the highest rated submitted question had a net total of +3 “community counts.”

Seems to me like someone just doesn’t want to hear the word “gay” at this debate.  Time to go vote for some questions, folks. 


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