That’s what I’m getting from this story in the Advocate:

San Francisco has tentatively approved a program to provide identification cards to illegal immigrants, transgender people, and other residents who may be unable or unwilling to get a state-issued driver’s license.

Transgender people who are having trouble gaining state identification that reflects what they feel is their true gender should not be lumped in with illegal immigrants.  As far as I can tell being transgender isn’t illegal.  And while I would encourage municipalities to step up and grant municipal id’s to transgender people who can’t get a State id without admitting to what they feel is a lie about their gender, I would at the same time discourage those same communities from granting legitimacy to illegal immigrants.

Lumping in transfolk with illegal immigrants is demeaning and an insult transpeople everywhere.  Those people whose driver’s licenses no longer reflect their “appearance,” to use the phrasing of the Advocate article, are deserving of accurate new licenses as a matter of conscience.  More states need to step up and address this need. 

After all, crossing the border illegally is a choice.  Birth gender isn’t.  And that’s the crux. 


One thought on “Transgender=Illegal?

  1. This is about giving IDs to illegal immigrants. Period.

    Under California law, transgenders are already allowed to change the name on their driver’s license without a court order. They just need to have their doctor sign a “Medical Information Authorization, Name and Gender Change” form (DL-328) and give it to the DMV.

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