Ah, Glorious Schadenfreude

I always knew there was something fishy about that vaccuous twit

It seems that Brat Boy wasn’t who he seemed, and BBS was all a big scam. Apparently, much like in the movie The Ringer, some guy named Rick was pretending to be a mentally retarded blogger named ‘Ethan Reynolds,’ using someone else as the physical model to lure the readers while writing long, incomprehensible missives about, uh… retarded shit.

IMBD news: We retort, we deride.  *snark*


20 thoughts on “Ah, Glorious Schadenfreude

  1. I would bet that there are at least a couple of bloggers who we think we know well that are in this little gay blog circle that will eventually be revealed as frauds. It could be someone you least expect.

  2. Patrick: I’m curious: which “little gay blog circle” are you talking about? The popular blogs at large, or our own “little circle?”

    All I know is that it’s not me. I’m as real as it gets. Which is why I rarely see over 300 hits in one day.

    Hmmm. Ideas, ideas.

  3. Oh no, he’s famous. I’ve seen him and how the waiters, bartenders, establishment owners, etc. fawn over him. 🙂

    And he can attest to the fact that I exist and that I do have a handsome Jewish bear partner.

  4. Not the wider world of gay bloggers and not just the five or six I know who regularly stop in to each others blogs. I mean the slightly broader circle of bloggers that we all loosely associate with from time to time. A person can only maintain their façade for a limited amount of time. Eventually it starts to fall apart. The person will either disappear or be “outed” then disappear. You are either yourself or you’re not. People will figure it out.

  5. All I know is that it’s not me. I’m as real as it gets.

    Ah-ha! That’s the most classic line of deception! Suuuuuure you’re real, but how do we know that Scott, Fred, Michael, George, or whatever your REAL name is?!? 😉

    I’m surprised by all of this, but mainly because I haven’t checked out Brat Boy in quite awhile. I’ll admit: I found “Ethan” to be a pretty-boy and a couple of times almost linked him. However, the empty-headed nonsense I found there turned me off and so the link was relegated to the folder of blogs I check when I remember to.

  6. lol

    Well, you all know my first name, but only a select few know my full name.

    I don’t have to lie. I just keep some things close to the chest. Life’s easier that way.

    Oh, and NDT, yes you sent me a picture, but it could’ve been someone else! And you could’ve hired someone to pose as your significant other in meeting Mr. Byrnes.


  7. I just keep some things close to the chest.

    I believe this is where the standard line of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” comes into play… 😉

  8. Actually, I never met NDT. If that was really NDT.

    I sent my neighbor Vito, who pretended he was me. He did make one near-fatal error, but the others who were present at lunch probably had no way of knowing that the real Famous Rob Byrnes would never pick up the lunch tab.

  9. Well….I must confess…..I actually sent my stunt double with my partner’s evil twin brother…..after all, one can’t be too careful when meeting people with known links to the JMG syndicate.

    And you’re right, Jamie, that wasn’t my picture…..I’m actually….Daniel Craig!

  10. Jamie is quite real and as the guy that encouraged him to blog in the first place (over at HomoMojo) I take all credit for his future fame and success.

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