Spanish as a Second Language.  Yep.  Considering how painfully capable I am of slaughtering my native english, I thought I’d give Spanish a try. 

Actually, I’m learning it because it can help me in a few ways professionally, and I’m lucky enough to have the Rosetta Stone courses at my fingertips. 

God help me, now you people can cuss me out in two languages.  Not counting my halting French. 

Wish me luck, Amigos!


2 thoughts on “SSL

  1. Let me know how the Rosetta Stone materials work. I’ve been considering picking up the ones for Japanese, but they’re very, VERY pricey so I want to make sure they’re worth it.

  2. I’m finding that the Spanish works quite well. I’ve been on it a week and am on lesson 9 of unit 1. It’s very user friendly.

    Of course, I also have 4 people at work who speak it fluently, so they’ll play in my later refinement.

    I just realized . . . of all the Star Trek characters, I’m becoming Uhura! lol

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