Everyone Just calm down

So, apparently, those fellas over at Queerty have made an attempt at serious journalism, and commenters are gouging each others’ eyes out over GLAAD. 

Am I the only one who just thinks the whole situation is . . . funny?

Media watchdog GLAAD has been making some intriguing business arrangements.

A source tells us that the DC-based non-profit either sold or gave Genre a list of their donors. . .

Apparently loads of straight people, lesbians and grannies have been flooding their offices with angry pleads. (sic)



THAT innocuous cover? I thought it was going to be something like Boy George in a body thong like Borat, for God’s sake.

Of course, I also have doubts about just how many grannies were actually flooding calls complaining about anything.  Fashion, Fitness and Sex?  Sounds like a typical soap opera to me, and who shares that demographic?  Gay men and Grannies, that’s who. 

I do get a chuckle, however, at the thought of those angry lesbians. . .(sarcasm)


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